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A Quality of Life Company

True Leaf Med was founded in 2013 and is one of two operating divisions of True Leaf Medicine Inc. 

True Leaf Med

Launched in July 2013 to become a licensed producer of medicinal cannabis. It has received approval to build its facilities from the Government of Canada. The company’s goal is to provide federally-approved, safe and effective cannabis products that will be sold across Canada.


True Leaf Pet

Established in 2015 to pioneer and market hemp-focused products for the pet industry. The company launched the True Hemp™ product line in Canada, the USA and Europe; becoming the first hemp-based pet product line to be marketed worldwide.



OUR VALUES: Return the Love™


‘Return the Love’ pays homage to the unconditional love that comes so freely from pets and also serves as the company’s overall mission to develop products that provide a better quality of life for people and pets.